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Guide to Build EDU Backlink For Your Website

Since 1985 .edu is treated as generic top level domain and it is only available to USA based educational institutes. There is no more chance of getting a .edu domain name for your any other purpose like .com, .net, .org etc. .edu domain name registration is not open for all.

To get a backlink from these approved .edu domains is a difficult job even if your organization is related to education.

Let's discuss more about edu backlinks then i will give you suggestion about how to create edu backlink for your website.

Why You Need EDU Backlinks?
Since .edu domains are issued to only educational institute, it's content and backlinks are treated as most valuable on search engine like google. Google like educational backlinks if your website linked from educational website then your website must be a good source of content. Most edu domains are given to old universities and institutes, their website accessed by huge number of students and general people which already made them high authority domain rank and many edu website have high page rank on google.

How to Create EDU Backlinks?
Even edu backlink building is difficult but still there are some chance to create your backlink is exist. Some educational institute allow their students to create personal blogs under their domain names using sub domain. You can ask such student to include your website link in return you can offer some money to them.

It may be difficult to get such blog author if you don't have any contact with any. Still you can search for edu forum website which may allow you to add your website link on profile page with signature.

Another way to create backlink from edu wiki website which allow you to create profile and add website link on your user page. There are more opportunity also available for which you need to better understand about footprint and google dork. Google dork is a keyword or combination of keywords to find something more relevant to your search on web.

Buy EDU Backlink
Some seo professionals offers edu backlink building with affordable cost which starts from $5. However this service sometimes offers discount for limited period in each month and such lucky buyers can get 10 edu do follow backlinks from high authority educational websites with only $1.

Even the price is $5, it is recommended to purchase edu backlinks and start your seo campaign. You can get the service in freelancers platform like fiverr and seoclerk.

Seoclerk is new emerging company on micro job industries which focus only on website seo related jobs. So you will definitely get more advantage and cost effective service on seoclerk. The minimum service price on seoclerk starts from $1 and even can be lower if seller is in level 3 and also like to offer in cheapest price. Already many business like to purchase seo service on seoclerk. So in my opppinion seoclerk seo service is better than any other.

In addition to buy edu backlink you can also purchase gov backlinks which are related to government departments and organizations. Like edu backlinks gov backlinks also have good weight. Try to create more dofollow backlink instead of no follow backlink. But don't ignore nofollow backlinks. Since google also likes no follow backlinks, in internet you can find many website place nofollow for external link. If google don't follow to no follow backlink then such link will not get discovered. So if nofollow backlink comes from high authority website then you should add it on your backlink bag.

Hope my article about edu backlink building help you to find the best service and help to purchase some good seo service or create by own.

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